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How Its Made Induction Cooktops

today on how it's made induction cooktops ha truck scales things Tetra Pak containers day and harmonicas from mankind has always cooked food using everything from campfires and barbecues to gas and electric stove tops now we can use an induction cooktop it doesn't need fire aflame by red hot burner it uses innovative cooking technology our ancestors never dreamed possible and what's where was pure magic and induction cooktop doesn't use traditional cooking elements above or below the cooking surface it uses copper induction coils that generate high frequency electromagnetic field these fields excite the molecules in the pen creating heat only in the cookware itself that's why the yoke remains cold and only what touches the pen cooks hmm the magic starts with a punching press that stance computer-generated shapes into sheets have cold rolled steel these cut its fix the position at the induction quayle's that's it under the glass surface a press brake Benz the four sides at the steel so it will hold a ceramic glass top in place in the meantime a machine spray paints the burner box the visible part of the cooktop on on a technician to fix is the labels and the power cord onto a housing box that will conceal the induction electronics and coils ok she secures the power cord for strain relief she then attach is the power cord ground and the system ground wire to the house in box she places a cover on the box and screws into place another technician puts together the induction electronics these assemblies a circuit boards cooling fans and semiconductors drive the cooktop she covers the electronics with insulation and a metal carrier plate that will support the induction coils then she feeds the user interface wires through the top of the coil carrier plate the technician screws the carrier place and the electronic assemblies together then grounds the electronics on protective tape around the openings will prevent the user interface wires from rubbing against the coil carrier plate on and some insulation will protect the electronic assemblies ok the causes that side of the electronic housing box and attach is all the power cables d day she did installation goes on the flip side of the box where she knows the electromagnetic coil assemblies the I am sluts on the back of each coil pot help distribute the electromagnetic energy to the cookware even world well day the she connects the coil assembly to the system board plenty places the remaining for quayle assemblies onto the carrier plate and connects their leaves to the system board the meanwhile another technician assembles the components a glass touch user interface paneled ok yo she connects the interface to the steel holder that was bent into shape at the start and is now attached to the black burner box done she covers the cooking surface and control panel with an attractive stainless steel frame then connects the system board to the control panel she closes at the other side of the burner box then she both everything down to complete the cooktop a technician tests the unit using a metal object to activate the electromagnetic field he verifies that the controls respond properly he make sure all five induction coils are working and the power output from each coil is correct d the control panel confirms it's a success screen safe and energy-efficient induction cooktops make cooking food quick and easy d ok yeah at a highway way station inspectors way each transport truck on a road level scale to calculate taxes on the goods its hauling and to make sure the low doesn't exceed safety limits you also find truck scales at grain silos quarries and other sites that move bulk products on the key to this enormous scale is a tiny component called a strain gauge which sends signals to the scales computer when compressed on they make the strain gauges from ally minute by bonding paper-thin sheets have nickel iron for oil up oxy and Teflon in a press then they called the laminate in a light-sensitive chemicals and apply a plastic film with an image %uh strain gauges in negative format then they expose the set up to ultraviolet light the light-sensitive chemical reactions in printing the images into the laminates metal surface now they have rose a strain gauges than inspector examines every gauge and marks any flaws to be discarded on now a technician measures how much voltage flows through each gauge if it's too low she raises it by rubbing off a microscopic amount of surface metal when the strain gauges are finished they cut them apart and send them to the load cell Department their workers delicately tape or strain gauges into each stainless steel low self them is soldered electrical wiring to each one it the wires all run to a circuit board at one end to the load cell and from the load south wiring runs the scales computer read it the smallest amount of moisture ordered would cause a strain gauge to malfunction so they well the cup over each one to hermetically seal it within the load cell it every finished load cell undergoes a quality control check to verify that it works properly it the testing machine applies wat increments until it hits the maximum weight the cell can bear , kilograms where , pounds on the truck scale structure in which they'll install the load cells is called for the weighbridge they begin assembling it upside down with the surface made a steel plate to build the base of the weighbridge they'll integrative thick steel tubes in cross beams workers lower a guide to help the line the parts perfectly on on bennies each load cell is a pin in order to wait accurately a load cell has to be level so it's critical to make sure this pm is level before welding on the bulkhead that holds it on once fully welded the weighbridge is assembled and ready for painting on the paint equipment places the powdered pain for the positive electrical charge and the weighbridge with a - this evenly draws the paint particles onto the steel like a magnet in another department they assemble the steel stand on which the load cell will sit a welder tax the pieces together then a robot does the full welding Don now that all the parts already final assembly of the truck scale can begin that the weighbridge right side up now contains load cells at different locations the first step is to install each load cell stand into its respective position the insert a link on each side of the stand on the position the load cell at the top of the links com on and the bulkhead p.m. at the bottom on then they close up a location within Access plate on the last step is to calibrate the scale they lay a , pound weight that's more than forty five hundred kilos on different parts and the scale to check if the digital readout is accurate the takes a lot of time to get a truck scale just right but it's definitely worth the wait handled Tetra Pak containers keep drinks and food products safe to consume for up to a year without refrigeration or the use of additional preservatives made mostly from paper their recyclable into things like a cartons paper towels and toilet paper at Tetra Pak container is packaging built with nature and freshness in mind on on Tetra Pak containers called all sorts of food products from smoothies to fine wines the package gives products a long shelf life because its special airs the plastic layer the paperboard and the four yr a plastic coating makes the package leak-proof do Tetra Pak containers are made entirely from recycled materials the first step to making them is printing a worker select the appropriate printing plates for a given customer and applies them to the cylinder other printing press do the press transfer is one color at the time to the paperboard layer using solvent freedom the Tetra Pak container can have up to six colors at full speed it takes only minutes to print the strobe light officially starts the motion helping the Pressman check the quality of the printing dome do them a worker feed to the printed paper board into a lamination machine that will join it with the plastic in four layers well from my way at the same time a worker loads a role of micro thin aluminum foil into the laminator the a gas flame he treats the paperboard to ensure fusion to the plastic layer when the laminator extruders liquefied plastic between the rolling aluminum and the heated paperboard rollers squeeze all the layers together from mourns the printed paper board with all its protective layer supplied then comes off the back into the laminator into a large master role on them the operator threaded into a cutting machine call this litter the if cuts and lines the printed material onto individual goals day the sliders nyse cut the material into four lanes each of which becomes a smaller role the operator trims the excess material for meat rolled then a conveyor system since the roles for shipping to a packer to be filled with their product that the Packers plant an operator loads the roller flat packages into a filling machine built and installed by Tetra Pak do tension rollers guy the material into the filling machine where it is sterilized dreams the machine and forms and seals the material into one continuous to dome home and a little further down the machine fills the two with product welcome it then cuts the two into individually sealed packages way home and drop them into a shoot for folding system them ejects the finish packages onto a conveyor belt hmmm final if send the packages on their way to the customer the lightweight compact and recyclable Tetra Pak containers are Eagle friendly and that's certainly something to celebrate over a glass a fine line mom more yeah there are two main types of harmonicas a diatonic harmonica has most holes it plays a major scale in a single key if music a chromatic harmonica has up to holes class a special slide mechanism to produce extra notes so it can play in any key the as air goes through a harmonica soda saliva which is why they make the inner structure from a type of wood that doesn't expand or smell with repeated exposure to moisture by making a standard chromatic harmonica begins with the block a pair would measuring by three centimeters they run it against the cutter that Carson Road air chambers France and back this produces the component known as the cold oppressive Stamp slots in a millimeter thick brass plate that will hold the reasons the plant will eventually go on topic the calm its slots aligning with the combs air chambers than other machine cuts Res from brass base metal specially formulated by this company to produce quality sound anti corrosion resistant %uh working one size at a time they cut a batch for a few hundred reads %uh they tester read for each batch with the tuning machine plucking it to see if it produces the correct pitch this size and profile ever read determines the note it produces the harga xiaomi mi5 edisi pro longer it is the lower the note and vice versa but now there is it the reeds to the replay it one read for each note home consecutive reads go on opposite sides of the plate with this configuration blowing into the harmonica vibrates wanna read while drying air echoed vibrates the other by they flatten each rivet on one side of the plate this fast since the read securely at the bottom leaving the rest free to vibrate if necessary they filed the RTI down so the slot doesn't obstruct its movement by that now a tuning specialist gets to work she plays each read on the plate and compares the tone to a perfectly tuned said every its for reference if the pictures of she just sit with a bit a filing that once the replayed is in tune it goes on top of the cold the reeds and slots aligning with the calls air chambers these workers attach the parts with steel nails that have a brass pleading to prevent corrosion the now for the two-piece cover that encloses these internal components for standard models the factory use a stainless steel starting with a sheet that's less than half a millimeter thick fancy harmonicas have silver or gold plated covers means the sheet goes to oppress that has a series of dyes they progressively stampa the cover pieces first in Boston the artwork then cutting the size then forming the shape do workers sandwich the cold between the two cover pieces then attach everything with either brass plated nails or brass or nickel plated screws the chromatic harmonica have a mouthpiece over the blow holes it's usually made of chrome-plated brass that they curse slightly in a press the mouthpiece she'll tulips from a slide mechanism inside that mechanism has three parts a slide with the button position in between two plates %uh they screw the mouthpiece onto the front to the harmonica when you press the mouthpiece button it redirects the year bracing the notes have a tower no harmonica leaves the factory without a sound test rather than blow into every instrument the testing department uses a machine that blows air in and out do last stop is the cleaning Department their workers inspect for scratches then polish unpackaged so that each and every harmonica will look as good as it sounds the the

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The meeting of the European Union cannot make the deal

An emergency meeting of the Interior Ministers of the European Union in Brussels failed to agree on a mandatory quota scheme unanimously 120,000 placement of refugees.
The majority of Ministers only agreed in principle, and the talks will be held ahead of the next meeting Dec.
Earlier, a number of countries enacting the inspection at the border for a while, a few hours after Germany enacted the examination in its borders with Austria.
Under normal circumstances, there are no border checks between the countries members of the European Union that are members of the Schengen Agreement.
Hungary now impose strict checks at its borders.
Monday (16/9), Hungarian police completed the construction of the fence is a barrier that is designed to prevent the entry of thousands of asylum seekers who crossed the border from Serbia.

Police started checking those who crossed the border Germany-Austria
The new law also established that took effect at midnight, allowing the police officers who were deployed along the border, to detain anyone deemed illegal immigrants or who tried to break through the new fence.
The Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union was holding, expressing the hope that the proposal for the placement of refugees could be set as a binding rule, in the meeting of October 8.
Ahead of Monday's meeting yesterday, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, have already rejected the mandatory quota scheme.
"The quota system is not the solution," said Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, Slovakia, when it arrived in Brussels.
In a news conference after the talks, Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said, "Not everything is in the same party.
However, the Ministers agreed to begin placing 40000 refugees from Greece and Italy, to countries of the European Union, such as the proposed European Commission before summer.